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Hiring an Automatic Motorhome


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Hi, I am not sure how to use forums. I am keen to hire an automatic motorhome. I am disabled so no longer can fly can't walk very far. I have travelled in 39 different countries and am now keen to visit UK.

Question Where, How, When average cost? are they hired per day per week?

I would be grateul for any advice




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Hi Kevin and welcome t the forum,


It just so happens that only yesterday Out & About Live (OAL) published an on-line guide to hiring a motorhome...


Link to OAL


Start by having a look through there then come back with any more questions you may have. And good luck with your search.



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I believe you are based at Mossley and the following link shows some firms in the North-West that offer motorhome-rental services




Rental motorhomes will tend to have a manual transmission (because that’s still the UK norm) but larger companies may include automatics within their fleet - for example this one at Manchester






The cost will vary from company to company depending on the motorhome, when it is being hired, the duration of the rental, whether it will be driven abroad, etc.


Most rental companies nowadays will have a website and some of these (like Freedhome’s) will have an FAQ section and/or carry comprehensive details of their business terms and conditions. For information from smaller rental firms you might need to email or telephone.


Suggest you begin by playing about with the Freedhome website as that should give you some idea about costs.

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