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Frank Beevers

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Unless you have a more modern phone with a USB charging lead then a good old fashioned cigar lighter style charging lead may be your only solution.


You would then need to add a fused, permanently live cigar lighter socket in a convenient place. But do remember this will run your battery down more quickly than you are probably used to so make sure you have the means to keep it charged up, ie solar or hook up.



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You may have to have a live SIM card in the phone fcable and or the GPS service to work?


It is not difficult to install an extra cigar-type 12v socket in a convenient position but take care to use suitably rated  cable and install it via a fused link from your leisure battery.  There is always the possibility that someone will plug in a higher power device than your phone so use at leave a 10 amp fuse and cable rated at more than 10 amps.  Being able to unplug from this cigar-type socket serves as a switch so installing a separate switch into the circuit may be desirable rather than essential.


Leaving your phone connected all the time (i.e. even when you are parked up and asleep) might not be such a good idea but you can easily unplug it when it's out of use.


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Frank Beevers - 2016-08-09 11:48 AM


I want to leave my old mobile phone in my van as a gps tracking device.


Hi there!


I'm really curious now :-D


How does this work? I mean, how will you track it? What's the accuracy like? Costs?


More details please B-)

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