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Bunk Bed Ladder


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I have just aquired a bunk bed ladder and looking for the fixing brackets,the pictures shows a motif but cant find any information on the net ..must be searching in the wrong areas. Hope one of you detectives out there can help find the manufacturer or the Motorhome model it fits so I can order the correct brackets


Brian K



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Hi Brian,


ST LA appears to be an Italian company...




I'll see what else I can find about them for you.




Edit: Possibly these...




OR a possible UK supplier...



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Thanks for all the replies, I was like most just kept getting the Fiamma ones.....But Keith you have come up with goods ,fantastic dont know how you did it but well done .

Just downloaded the Catalogue its on page 94 Will also give Grassroutes a call as they seem to be the UK supplier.


love this Site


Regards Brian K

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Try this site for brackets http://www.stla.it/catalogo-2015.pdf


It covers a variety of camping equipment. Scroll down to similar brackets on page 33.


There are no sizes shown. If your steps have a part number you may be able to match one to your steps.


You could also post your details to the company, particularly if your steps were numbered.


I will continue to search further

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