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water in wetbox


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can anyone help we have a compass rallye 634 and when it rains the underbed storage gets really wet the water seems to drip through the key lock weve sealed them up but stillnot corrected the problem can any one out there give usany ideas too solve this before it starts to get really damp thankyou
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We had an external "caravan-style" leisure battery locker on a previous motorhome and when we first had it that would fill the battery tray with water!...


There was no adjustment on the lock nor hinges and a new rubber didn't solve it.

In the end I ran length of self adhesive rubber(3mm?) around the closing face on the frame.


This type of stuff



(any moisture/droplets on the lock, may just be condensation?)


But despite my waffle, as Keith says, check for leaks above first... :-D

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