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Ducato fuse blowing


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Hi all, we have a 2002 fiat ducato mclouis.The fuse which controls the near side rear tail light and the dashboard lights keeps blowing.

I've checked the connections at the light cluster and all good.

Does anyone know if there's a relay involved?


Many thanks




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Okey dokey.


I have seen this quite a few times and it baffled us for some time before we figured it out......


There is a heater element in the inlet pipework at the front of the engine, towards the passenger side. There is a connector attached to it. Remove the connector and you will solve your problem.


The heater is only called into service in cases of extreme low temperatures and as a result is never used, but is still fitted to all 2.8JTD engines. The device gets corroded over time and the contacts inside short out. It's a very expensive item to replace, so don't even think about removing it because it comes with the pipe. You won't ever need it.


Let us know how you get on. I would send you a picture but i don't have any 2.8JTD's lying around at the moment.


On the other hand, if yours is not a 2.8JTD, you have another problem!





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