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Windscreen Sticker residue


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I spent a night in the van without the external blinds, the resulting condensation reminded me of this.

Where the dealer had the windscreen Sticker, the model, price etc one, can still be seen in the condensation.

I have tried cleaning with all sorts of things but 2 years on it still shows.

Not a big deal, it doesn't show when dry but it irritates.

Does anyone have a cure? I have used thinners, white spirit, vinegar, various proprietary cleaners.

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If the marking is actually due to ‘residue’ on the glass, using cleaning products/polish should work. There’s a good deal of on-line advice about cleaning kitchen glass/ceramic hobs which might help you pick products most likely to be effective.


Alternatively, if (as Will86 has suggested) the glass itself has been attacked by chemicals in the sticker, it’s unlikely that the marking can be removed. As the marking is still there after 2 years and your various removal attempts have proved unsuccessful, you may well be on a loser.

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To update, thanks for the suggestions. It has taken a while before I managed to get the windscreen steamed up again.

I tried cleaning with acetone but it has made no difference.

Previously I had used vinegar, meths, thinners and glass cleaner.


Will may be right with the etching theory. The vehicle was an ex display so will have spent an extended time with the sticker.


I will just have to live with it.

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