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Best Batteries in their Class bar none?


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Back in 2012 we started seeing lots of battery chargers that were clearly being damaged by poor batteries so we set about trying to find a quality battery that was also kind to chargers.


New at the time was the Bosch S5 Starter battery which used unique Powerframe construction that made it a much better habitation battery than almost all the budget 'Leisure' batteries around at the time which were also 'Starter battery' based.


We cut one open and were astonished at the quality and technology inside compared to the usual budget 'Leisure' battery, yet it was only slightly dearer than the cheapest 'budget'.

So we started telling the World.


Not surprisingly a lot of people said we didn't know what we were talking about as it went against the 'folklore' of the day.


I have received this email this morning :


"Hi Allan, We came to the caravan site in North Wales where you fitted us a Bosch S5 015 Battery ( amongst other little jobs like trouble with our Reich e-box being one). as a leisure battery on our Burstner Delfin 700 motor home.

I think this was maybe 6 years ago?.

We are currently on a rally (no EHU ) and for the first time, it is dropping the charge quicker than it has ever done since it was fitted."



That 'one' of our original Powerframe S5 batteries has lasted 6 years, shows we were pretty close on our original assessment of the very special Powerframe technology. That the very fragile Reich e-Box, also fitted at the same time, has lasted almost 6 years on this battery also supports our assertion that these place a lighter load on the charger.


Since those days Bosch and Varta have updated their Leisure battery ranges to also include Powerframe technology, creating even tougher Habitation batteries : the Varta LFD/Bosch L5 ranges, which we now suggest are the best in their class bar none.



Sorry to go on about these Varta LFD90 Batteries so much, but there is a massive difference in capacity and capability of a Varta LFD90 at £92 and a 'budget' Enduroline type battery which can be similar cost.


For more on the unique Powerframe technology, see here : http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php




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I bought a Varta Professional 90 Ah battery in October 2011 and it is still going strong!


Here is my post when I found out that there was a 'New' battery on the market...




And just to confirm, I have double checked and it is indeed an LFD90.



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