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replacement or repair plastic sink


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Looking for a new or good used sink for my 2002 Elnagh Marlin59 which is looking worse for wear now a few hairline cracks and badly discoloured. I have trawled the net to no avail. The other alternative is resurfacing such as speedcoat used on shower trays but not sure if it would be any good for a plastic sink.If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them.
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Hi Barry,


I asked Speedcoat about repairing the wash basin in our AT as it had a small crack and they said their system is not any good for basins and sinks. We ended up ordering a replacement from AT as a special order at great cost!


Maybe try O'leary's as they are purported to carry a lot of stock?



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Ours was an Elnagh Slim 6 and had exactly same problems.

Got the shower tray repaired by Speedcoat and was a very good job but they couldn't do washbasins as is different and only single layer.

Troiled the internet and couldn't find one anywhere and none of the 'off peg' ones would fit.

Basically you have 2 choices-try every motorhome salvage company for a used one but downside is they (Elnagh) are few & far between and if you find one chances are it will be cracked as seems a common fault, or buy a new one. Downside on this is very expensive (around £200 if I remember correctly) and takes about 1 month to arrive from Italy. Sadly this is realistically your only option.

Don Amotts in Hilton nr Derby will import one for you if you want one-they will also fit it for you if you want -at substantial cost+vat. If you leave it as it is, you will probably find it leaks into undercupbard, wetting everything in there plus penetrating the floor/sidewall which could work out very expensive. Be warned!


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We found that when we restored Citroen H vans back in 2012 so many of the original panels were just not available. So we started producing our own, initially in Fibreglass and then Galvanised Steel.

I did a lot of work with two fibreglass specialists who could make anything.


When I had an issue with a broken sink on my van one of them had a look and said they could lay a fine Glass tissue mat (like a Tissue 'gauze' rather than matting) over the back of the sink and then lay on a very thin layer of resin, effectively Glass reinforced plastic.



He claimed it would be only three times initial thickness, which in my case wasn't an issue, twice as strong and water tight.

Only problem was, like you I had discolouration on the upper surface.


In the end I remodelled the Bathroom to put in a new bigger sink, but maybe fibre reinforcing is a viable option for you?



If you remove the sink and take it to your local guy, the labour was expected to be about 2 - 3 hours max, so it may not cost a lot?

Don't let him even talk about normal fibre matting, it is likely to be way too thick.



In the photo below, the second axle we added to a van for a customer meant that we had to make up the rear wings from scratch as Citroen never did a twin axle H van.

The whole Rear wheel covers from arch to square tube above, we made by hand.


The customer wanted 'Plastic' front arches as well as they are more tolerant of 'dings'.

This is the finished van on the day it was collected.



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