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Leisure battery

Len Salisbury

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The Fiat seat removal isn't too bad, a couple of different variants, but typically three Allen or Torx Head bolts on 'each rail'. One each side at the front and two holding down each rail from the 'top'.


Examine the seat and slide it back and forth so you can see the bolts. On some seats you need to partially rotate the seat to gain access. You can access the rear bolts by sliding the seat forward, etc.


You are removing the entire seat plate below the swivel. Removing it at the swivel can be done but is much more fiddly.


Tilt the 'seat back' towards the steering wheel before you start as it makes access easier and the seat is easier to lift off the base to carry out of the door.

Be very careful about putting the seat down inside the vehicle, the seat is so heavy and base full of 'protusions' that the floor is easily damaged.


After refitting the seat, do all bolts up no more than finger tight then finally fully tighten.

Bounce up and down in the seat and recheck the bolt tightness. Check it again after 50 miles.


Passenger seat is often similar, but some without swivel, so lighter.


Take great care when putting the seat back that the seat frame doesn't touch the bare battery clamps. Better still make sure they are fully insulated with covers.



A Merc seat, up to about 2008?, requires the arms the thickness and length of a Monkey and fingers the size of a child as all six 13mm hex bolts are inside the frame. Access to the ones at the front and back are not bad, but the middle ones are tricky.

If the engine ECU is mounted under there as well it is even more fun. Tie string around the spanner, you will drop it.




On all of the seats, strongly suggest you don't fit a battery that has screw tops, as maintenance won't be easy!.

The Varta LFD90 is 100% gas tight and maintenance free and comes with battery clamp covers to insulate them. The covers sometimes need cutting with 'slots' to fit over the cabling, but usually work well.


In all cases of Fiat battery installation we have done, we have never had a Varta LFD90 not fit.


On a Transit two LFD75's usually work well and are more powerful than the Ford Silver originals at half the cost.




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