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Autotrail Chieftain 2008 switches


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I'm sorry if that question has been asked but after spending most of the day trying to find an answer my brain has just given in.


SO... we recently bought an Autotrail Chieftain SE 2008. Returned from our first trip yesterday and on the way back I noticed a little round, red switch right next to the spot light behind the driver's seat. (underneath the "electrical" cupboard) It doesn't appear to do anything (as far as we could figure out 10pm in the dark in storage last night)


Has anyone else come across one of these and found out what it's for?




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Hi Miriam and welcome to the forum,


From memory I think it is for the LED striplight either across the bathroom door or step in the floor (if you have a split level floor).


You may find the main control panel has to be 'On' for it to work.



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