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4channel dvr


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Hi,and hello to everyone on the forum.

I am just about to purchase a motorhome and would like a little advice.


I recently had my car stolen then on its return had a crash for cash incident. i am looking at a 4channel dvr' to fit in motorhome when it arrives but it's a mine field looking at different ones and prices.

can anyone recommend where to buy one from and prices.

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phalange - 2018-03-02 6:58 PM


What's a 4channel dvr?


I'm assuming something like this...




Probably more what you'd expect to see fitted to a bus or coach so make sure whatever you get is suitable for 12 volts.



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The above kit has an unusual mix of cameras. Four side view cameras does not seem right. A typical installation would be 2 sideview cameras, 1 reversing camera and a small camera mounted in the windscreen pointing forwards. The reversing camera should definately be "mirror image". Depending on where the sideview cameras are fitted these may also benefit from being mirror image but the front camera needs to be normal or straight image.

There are deealers like Richard Baldwin Motorhome who sell a complete kit and can insatl it for you. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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