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Posting a link - how to abbreviate its length


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Is there a simple way to post a short version of a long link.

I appreciate there are third party programmes and other ways but all other forums either do it automatically or have an 'Insert Link' box.



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Simplest way...


Put square brackets and the following text around the link, but omit the two *


For example...


[*url=https://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/motorhomes/]Link to OAL[*/url]


would take you to OAL's home page.



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[ url=copied link]Lint to ?[ /url]


but omit the spaces after the [


And where 'copied link' is the URL copied from the website you want to link and 'Link to?' is whatever you want to appear as your link.


My example from above becomes:


Link to OAL


If you click 'Quote' in this post you will see my typing in full.



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I wondered how this was done, so good ask.


My Test try :

Link to North Wales



Edit :

And it works!!!


Thank you Keith I will try and remember that.


Is it possible to maybe change the heading from 'posting a link' to some description of posting a 'short hand' link or something more descriptive?

I didn't read this to start with as I know how to post a link, but not how to abbreviate it.




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