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Dometic RMD 8555 Solar connection


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I've got myself nicely rigged up with solar panels and a controller that gives the option of telling the fridge freezer to run from the excess solar. The motorhome is a Knaus Sun Ti 650 MG. It doesn't have anything like an Electrobloc distribution board and there isn't a connection option on the Waeco charger - it's just a charger.

I now need to positively identify where to connect the trigger circuit to the back of the (Dometic RMD8555) fridge freezer. Trouble is, I can't find a wiring diagram amongst any of the information about the fridge freezer. All the stuff I find on line is generic, or just doesn't look like mine - as per photos below.

I think I know which connection I need to use but won't say which so I don't put ideas in anyone's mind. I would be grateful if someone who's seen the guts of one of these could help me confirm it. Connecting to the wrong terminal would probably be expensive.

Provided I've done this right, the two photos are of the bit I think I need to use with the cover on and off.


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Keithl - 2018-04-25 1:32 PM




Almost exactly the same question was asked a couple of weeks ago and the answer from Allan of A and N Caravan was that you will likely NOT have enough excess solar power to run the fridge so don't bother!





Ah! Curses. That one didn't come up when I searched - probably because I didn't have 'Votronic' in there.

Point taken. Probably not worth the effort, even though I've got 300 watts of solar. Happily I didn't buy the regulator just for that, it was a 'bonus' feature, if there is such a thing.


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Robinhood - 2018-04-25 1:37 PM


Manual with wiring diagram and instructions here:





From the diagrams, it is the one I thought, ie the only one not occupied and labeled S+ on the cover............. although it may well remain unoccupied, from what I've just read on the link.

Nice to have the proper diagrams, though.


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