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Lock Barrel removal - help please


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My habitation door handle needs replacing, an internal lug broke off, and I need to remove the lock barrel to put it in the new replacement barrel.


And for the life of me I can't suss it out - although there's probably a very simple way of doing it.


Any help appreciated.







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Many thanks for the helpful reply.

I rang round to get local help, and one of the removal keys, and found one at GW Caravan Repairs at Cresswell near Worksop.

They tried to remove the lock using the key but were not able to despite a great deal of time and effort.

It was decided a new lock and keys were required and I fitted them a few minutes ago and everything now works okay.

Thanks for your input and thanks to the knowledgeable staff at GW.


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My dealer can remove defective lock barrels using the original key. But was on clean water tank. Apparently not for all keys. on the motorhome. At this moment a struggle for hours to open the outside shower service flap to give my dogs a shower for the predicted next hot weekend festival belgian championship. It is very small tiny key and it will not twist 90 degrees as it should be, but only 45. I now try to push out the 2 mm pivot nail, to get the flap off to connect the hot -cold shower shower cap. The position of it in my fellow mate on adria sonic supreme is in the rear garage dry and clean all times. But these spring on push showers gives al ways a shower by themselves. When connected. A spray of water. I have to bypass my dealer to get it fixed to morrow. for the weekend. The locks on a motor- home can and will be frustrating compared to a normal car.
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