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2007 Fiat Ducato 2.3 black smoke issue


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Having some issues with my 2007 2.3 Ducato!


It's belching LOTS of black smoke out when revving under load and even while stationary. Don't get any hesitation or stalling, and since I have only just bought the van (no black smoke when I drove it down from where I bought it) it's hard to say if there's any loss of power as I know nothing different.


Have checked the various pipes between intercooler/throttle body etc, can't see any cracks or splits. The join between the throttle body to the pipe to the intercooler seemed a little loose so threw on a new hoseclip which hasn't resolved the issue. There are signs of black liquid around the joins of the pipes, and the inside of them definitely isn't clean, but no idea if it should be?


Took the chance to have a look at the throttle body, the flap seems to be moving freely and springs back to position nicely. Have put some injector cleaner in the tank to see if that quietens it down but no joy so far.


The oil does seem over full, which someone on another forum said could be a sign of injector issues?

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Black smoke on a diesel is usually a lack of air or too much fuel, so you have been correct to check what you have done.


Have you looked at the air filter?


Other causes could be.


A collapsed hose


EGR fault.


Both usually result in a lack of power.


It could be a leaking injector.


Hope this helps.



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I will take it as read that you have now drained some oil out so that the level is ok or if it was only up to 5mm over the max mark, i would not bother and that you have checked your air filter to make sure that it is not blocked or full of debris....Mice can get in there and cause havoc with their dead bodies or pieces of air filter when they get sucked up to the air flow meter!


The next thing to do is to remove the right hand air pipe from the rear of the solenoid valve (as you look at it from the front of the engine. Run the engine and drive it for a couple of miles and see if it makes any difference to the amount of smoke.


If it does, and the pipes are intact and clear of debris; you should try a new solenoid. This is one of the few items that can malfunction without causing an engine management light. In extreme cases, the throttle will not respond from cold start either, but by this time there is normally a fault code or two registered. They will rather confusingly suggest an EGR fault and have led people to start fiddling around with the EGR valve but it won't be that 99% of the time. It's nearly always the solenoid valve and or throttle body at fault.


You were right to check the turbo pipes, it only takes a small split in a pipe or pin-hole in the intercooler to produce a lot of black smoke under load.



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Hi Kachoong,


I have been traveling so not on forum much for past weeks, it could be a sensor not working correctly, the mass air sensor at the air box not working. I know VW Audi were known for this, the power will not be effected but huge plums of smoke when you but the foot down.


Do you have access engine data reader?

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