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IH Drop down sink in bathroom


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The waste water goes into the waste water tank, along with that from the shower and kitchen sink. You will have to empty the waste tank either when full, or earlier when convenient.


The above assumes that you can persuade the water to flow down the plughole.



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Hi Ian,

a drop down sink is just like a shower tray or a kitchen sink, in that the effectiveness of the drain is dependant upon the accuracy of levelling.

If you are meticulous and get your van , or particularly the “bathroom” as level as possible, transverse and longitudinal, then you will find showering or washing much more enjoyable.

I found a drop down basin was not very easy to get right, but it may just have been the model fitted in our van. I changed it for a conventional one.

Regards, Snowie

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If you mean by drop down the sinks that are hinged to tip down and lift up to fold, then these in folding tip the water into a funnel arrangement formed into its wall mount. That in turn has a conventional drain into the grey water waste system. Tipping needed to be done in an understanding way neither to overwhelm things or be too slowly done, becomes second nature once one is used to how the water moves in it.


My experience is they do need the periodic cleaning of the inevitable scum , hairs and general gunge that builds up in the out of sight area of the funnel and its "plug hole".


With mine this could be achieved by "springing" out the bowl from some stub pivots that form the hinge. I did make a pair of very small wooden taper wedges I slid in each side to facilitate doing this in a less brutal, easier way to avoid possibly cracking the plastic. Worked for the 13 years in our ownership so probably was a wise technique to have adopted.

Probably modern designs are changed somewhat.

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bikey - 2018-10-29 10:18 PM


Hi when you empty the sink just lift slowly and the water will drain into the resavoir at the back there is a drain hole to the right which you can see clearly if you tip the sink up and pull upwards out of the holding lugs I always take the sink out and give it a good clean after each trip just basic hygiene cleaning really

Sinks work fine for us saves a lot of space in a pvc


Moved from separate thread.


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sandalwood - 2018-10-30 8:19 AM


Tks for reply, no plug hole in sink!




Ian - The plug hole is located under the actual sink bowl at the rear of the unit. It becomes visible (just) when you (gently) hinge the bowl up to dispose of the water. Spring the bowl unit out of its holding lugs for a better look and for keeping the plug hole itself free, it’s a very small diameter pipe and gets easily blocked, as has been mentioned before.



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Ian (Sandalwood)


Although you’ve mentioned previously that you now own an IH Motorhomes “Tio” panel-van conversion, as far as I can make out you’ve never said how old it is (2012?)


The two attached photos are of the flip-up wash-basin fitted to “Tio” models. The 1st photo relates to a 2003 “Tio” and the 2nd to a 2010 version, and it will be apparent that the design differs.


It’s not vital to know your motorhome’s age to answer adequately your query about the wash-basin, but it could be critical if you have more ‘technical’ questions about the vehicle.


I refer you to this earlier thread





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