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Danger when draining down water system


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Hi Robbo


It is mainly decals. One complete side of them plus the electric step, the inner wooden panel of the sliding door and fridge covers.

I’m guessing the step will be Uk sourced.

I suppose I could use it without the decals, but I’d prefer it complete.

GoEurpean have been told to order them with express delivery. So maybe 2 months instead of 4 months.

Fingers crossed ????.

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Robbo - 2018-11-27 7:18 PM


Hi Den


Members of the UK Carthago owners club have reported some delays receiving spare parts from Germany, in some cases, extending into months.


Depends what has been ordered. If it's just decals then hopefully they should be available off the shelf.


It might be worth asking GoEuropean their expected delivery date based on previous experience of the ordering process.


Hope you get it sorted soon.


Carthago’s “Malibu” models are not built in Germany, but at Odranci in north-east Slovenia.


Whether that would be a good or bad thing (or neither) when it comes to delivery of spares is anybody’s guess...


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I thought I’d update all those whom have been a great help.

My Malibu is the garage with a new painted sliding door.

20 parts were ordered from GoEurpean and some have been delivered to them, but not all.

I’ve been chasing them and to be honest not sure what’s missing and what’s arrived.

It’s very straight forward items for them to supply.

Decals. Inner door wooden panel. Side step ect.

With the next holiday booked for mid January, I’m pretty sure it will not be in my MH.

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