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You need two key pieces of info to successfully use the search facility. First a keyword and second the Date Limit or better put as time frame, ie yesterday, one year, etc. If you do not select the date limit you will more often than not get no results!




PS And you could also add an Author if you knew who posted whatever you are searching for.


Or if you only enter an Author with no keyword you will get all posts from that person in the selected timeframe!

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How to use the forum’s Search feature is described in the Forum User Guide section at the top of list of forums on the forums homepage.




It’s far from being a ‘smart’ search and there’s a cut-off limit to the number of forum threads (discussions) that will be retrieved. So, if your search criteria were too generalised and the stuff you might be interested in happened to be some distance back in the forum’s past, you’d quite likely retrieve a bucket-load of recent threads, but not the earlier ones.


Unless I’m pretty sure that using the forum Search will find what I want I use GOOGLE Advanced Search instead




but even that isn’t always successful.



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