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Autotrail TV/Radio

Mick Henfield

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Copied from the ATOC website:


New official spares and repairs centre for out of warranty repair to Auto-Trail Audio Visual products such as the 12ele2000 etc. as fitted to the X250 range.


Les Evans & Son Ltd (Website)

Unit 2 No 93

Whitchurch Road




01743 450457





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I have owned 2 Autotrails with the 'Media pack' which includes the Chinese manufactured 'jack of all trades, master of none' head unit.

We found the Sat-Nav next to useless, and prefer to use our standalone Tom tom Camper edition.

However, we havent found a head unit that includes a freeview tuner, plenty of double-din quality units by Pioneer, Kenwood and others that play DVDs and MP3s but none with the TV tuner.

SO, we soldier on with the original, and yes, Les Evans is the contact and supplier of replacement units and repairs, very helpful and quick to respond to enquires.


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Mick Henfield - 2018-12-18 10:48 AM


I have 2011 Tracker with 11ELE2000 TV/Radio fitted from new. Only works sometimes, Input light on constant, sometimes system works properly, others no response,,,any ideas please


Sounds like a bad connection or a dodgy earth, ......input light?


Why not extract the head unit(with the keys supplied) and check the connections, and plugs are fully inserted.

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