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Derek Uzzell

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At the top of the Motorhome Matters listing is a stuck-in-place thread titled “ALL FORUM MEMBERS PLEASE READ” that asks forum-members (new or long-standing) to provide basic identification details of their motorhome so that this information appears automatically on their postings.


Doing this involves using the “Forums Control Panel” feature (see attachment below) and entering in the ”Location” box of their Profile details of the motorhome they own (if they actually own one of course!) Make of motorhome, its exact model and its year of manufacture should be enough. You can see what other forum-members have done and just do likewise.


DO NOT enter motorhome details in your Profile’s “Interests” or “Signature” fields as (as explained in the “ALL FORUM MEMBERS PLEASE READ” thread) doing this will not guarantee that the details will automatically be visible to other forum-members.


(It would also be worth forum-members checking their Profile for accuracy, as some of the information I’ve seen (like email addresses and website-related entries) on Profiles is clearly incorrect.)


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And another faux pas is that a lot of users have entered their home address in the box titled 'Website address' thereby making this information publicly available. This box is intended for the URL of a website (if you have an applicable one, ie MH related business).



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When these forums were originally set up in 2006 a Forum User Guide was provided and can still be found towards the top of the forum home-page.




It needs saying that, during the last 13 years, things have changed forum and technology-wise, and that certain elements of the elderly software driving these forums worked poorly to begin with and work less well (or even don’t work at all!) nowadays. But some of the information available through the above link should still be useful.


It ought to be plain from the “You and your profile” entry on the link what type of information the “Website address” field is intended for, though there’s no imperative that the website must be ‘motorhome related’. (I suspect that, when information that is not a proper website-address (URL) shows up in this field it’s due to the lack of guidance provided whan a forum-member first registers.)


Using the “Location” field to provide details of a forum-member’s motorhome is a ‘fudge’, but many enquiries will benefit from motorhome identification details being immediately available when the enquiry is made.


If those details are held in the “Location” field, it avoids the need for forum-members making enquiries to provide the details within their postings. It also avoids forum-members wishing to respond to enquiries having to ask “What are your motorhome’s make, model and year of manufacture” - information that is often pivotal to providing an informed reply.




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