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Mine's here but I'm resisting it .... well my husband has snaffled it at present so I'm being generous and not ripping his head off for nicking it first.


As I've got a pile of other mags that I still haven't read yet, such as Practical Motorhome, Which Motorhome, I have put myself on a strict MMM mag diet at the moment ... but it's just sitting by the bed saying 'read me so no promises as to how long before I binge! :D

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Forester - 2007-02-28 6:34 AM

Any-one know of a mag for 'older' vans? todays mags are of no interest to me as they dont contain anything on the older van. Or isn't there one  

There is a magazine that covers your van Chopper. Its called the Baden Powell Monthly and is available at most newsagents. 8-)
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