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40mm to 1" pipe reducer


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A Google search on “40mm waste pipe to 25mm reducer” retrieves lots of potential options. For example




It really depends on what Richard’s objective is - if he wants the ‘reducer’ to be permanently fixed to the 40mm waste-pipe or to be easily removable - and what the purpose of the 25mm reduction is.


If (say) a rigid 25mm waste-pipe were to be attached to the reducer (though I can’t think why one might do this) or if a 25mm extension is to be fitted temporarily if the need arises, the design of the reducer will differ in each case.


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My Rapido’s waste-water tank has a large-bore drain valve of the type shown in the attached photo and it’s evident that the valve’s outlet has the potential for an extension to be attached to it. However, doing this would require either directly connecting a large-bore hose to the outlet, or using a smaller-bore hose with some sort of ‘reducer’ between the outlet and the hose.


I’ve never felt a need to add a waste-tank drain extender to my Rapido motorhome, but the idea has been occasionally enquired about here (a couple of examples)






It’s quite possible that you want a reducer for a completely different purpose, and that how you plan to use it for would be of interest to many forum-members. So it would be useful if you could say, please, why you need a 40mm-to-25mm pipe-reducer.


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Attached is an image of the grey water outlet adapter on my Auto-trail. It is a interference fit over the outlet that I believe is 100mm to allow a 25mm waste hose to be connected. It was fitted by the dealer locally  (AU) and is branded Neta a local supplier of various types of hose and fittings. If this is what you are looking for you may find it in one of the stores that offer drainage components.


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I think you mean “Neta” - mentioned by Gary (geeco) earlier - but I’m not sure if Neta products are marketed in the UK.


Given what Richard wants to use the reducer for, the item Robinhood refers to in his posting of 28 September 2019 9:00 AM above (and described on the ebay advert as a "Hose Joint Adaptor 40mm to 25mm Reducer Flexible Water Hose connector”) would appear to fit the bill (Image attached below)


A 2-metre extension hose is offered on-line




but I don’t know if it would meet Richard’s requirement.


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