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Autocruise Basin split around plughole


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Just came back from a trip and while away the basin had split around the plug hole of our 2005 Autocruise Starfire. I have taken the basin out but I think it will have to be replaced as the plastic is very brittle.

I have not ben able to find a replacement on the web so thought I will ask here if anyone has any info.

Under the basin a label states.

Plastech Thermoforming ltd 22/07/04

Autocruise PC1109

Vanity Basin 509x460x3 Works No. 7851




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The PlasTech basin in our 2004 AutoTrail also cracked around the plug hole and AT managed to get us a replacement, I assume from PT as it had their label on.


It was not cheap!!! but was made of a different material to the original and fitted with only very minor alterations to the counter top.to allow the two mounting studs line up with the now slotted holes.


Is it worth contacting PlasTech directly to ask if they can supply?






Edit: Crossed posts with Denb, great minds think alike :)

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Solved- Had nothing to lose so I roughed up the underside and tried a fibreglass repair kit I had in the garage after holding the split together on the good side with tape. Applied 3 layers to make it rigid with overlap and this morning after removing the tape it is hard to see the original split.

Smoothed the fibreglass a bit before applying white silicone to the waste outlet, and now stronger than before. Tested and water tight.

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