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Auto Trail upholstery

Peter Boyle

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Peter Boyle - 2019-10-18 3:56 PM


Hi Silverback


Its the seat base cover in the dinette of a 2014 Apache 700, I have emailed Auto Trail a couple of times with all the information, but not heard anything back, Cheers.


Even if Auto-Trail is able to provide a replacement seat-base cover to match the upholstery of your 5-years-old Apache, it’s near certain that the cover will need to be ordered through an Auto-Trail dealership.


I’m not sure if you’ve said whether, when you obtained the Apache in 2018, you purchased it from a motorhome dealership or it was a private sale, but I suggest you contact an Auto-Trail dealership about this as, even if Auto-Trail does eventually respond to your email enquiries and confirm that a matching replacement cover can be provided, you will probably be told that a dealership will need to be involved.

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