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Halford Leisure Battery


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I have a Yuasa L36 AGM battery fitted, I am looking at fitting a second battery and was looking at exactly the same type.

I notice at Halfords they have a HLB800 which appears to be exactly the same as my current L36 Yuasa in all respects. I do seem to recall reading that the Halfords battery is actually made by Yuasa, is this the case and would it be OK to use the Halfords model as my my second battery connected to my current one?

I think I read something on this subject on the forum but now can't seem to find any reference, hopefully someone can advise.

My current battery is only about seven months old.

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This May 2019 forum thread discussed wet-acid Yuasa L36-EFB and Halfords HLB700 batteries




Except for a small variation in the quoted watt hours (Yuasa L36-AGM=1140wh, Halfords HLB800=Up to 1200wh) the other technical data are the same for both batteries. So it’s FAIRLY safe to assume that a Halfords HLB800 battery is a relabelled Yuasa L36-AGM.


As I’m sure you are aware, received wisdom is that - in a mutiple-battery arrangement - all batteries should be identical and that includes the batteries’ age.


Exide used to advise that it was acceptable to add a 2nd battery if the original was no more than 1-year old, but that may depend on how the original battery has been treated.

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Thank you very much Derek, this is the advice I was looking for, as it happens I have just had the current battery tested and all is fine.

Now this may sound a silly question but I will ask anyway, my current battery is connected up to the charger and solar panel etc. Is it simply a question of connecting the second battery(in a battery box as it will have to go under one of the beds next to the current battery which itself is in a battery box) to the first battery? Will then both batteries be charged in the same way i.e. from the onboard charger, solar panel and alternator?

I am not technical and I guess I am asking is it something I can do myself, or, from a safety point of view, would I be better off getting it done professionally?!

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It is not quite as simple as connecting them in parallel!


To balance the charge and load you need to connect the incoming Positive to one battery and the Negative to the second. ie The wire lengths to both batteries need to be identical.


Have a look right at the bottom of this page... http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/add-a-second-battery.php



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There is a less ‘technical’ summary here




with ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ connection diagrams.


Although adding the 2nd battery is potentially a straightforward task, there will be a requirement to install supplementary wiring to connect the two batteries together and - as the 2nd battery will be in a separate box to the current one - it’s probable that you will also need to modify the existing wiring.


This 2015 MHFun discussion refers and you’ll see that there was plenty of discussion (argument!) about the appropriate size/type of cabling to use.




More advice from forum-members who've done this would be welcome, but if you’ve got concerns about your DIY electrical skills, it might be wise to have the task carried out professionally by someone you trust.




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Many thanks for all the responses and the links for further reading, it is clearly a little more complicated than I thought.

Derek, the last paragraph of your last response is spot on. After due consideration, I think the best solution for me is to obtain a quote for installation from a professional, certainly it will be the safest option !

Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated as always !

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