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Internal thermal blinds


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Very happy with the fitted blinds for most of the year, however, would like a set of internal thermal blinds for the colder parts of winter. I do not want external blinds as when using the van I travel every day and often arrive late, set off early and do not want to be dealing with external blinds. My question is, given the huge choice, is there one brand which is widely acknowledged as the best? Trust everyone is keeping safe.
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costaexpress - 2020-05-28 9:53 AM


Very happy with the fitted blinds for most of the year, however, would like a set of internal thermal blinds for the colder parts of winter...


It would be useful to have some details of your vehicle and advice on how best to provide these can be found here.




In 2005 I imported a Ford Transit-based Hobby motorhome from Germany and the vehicle came with REMIS “Remifront” pleated blinds for its windscreen and cab side-windows.


I bought a 3-piece set of interior thermal blinds from Van Comfort. The windscreen blind needed a minor modification to permit it to fit around the rear view mirror’s ’stalk', but each side-window blind had to be cut into 2 parts to allow for the framework of the REMIS blind system. Fortunately my wife is a competent seamstress (though the material the thermal blinds were made from did her sewing-machine no good at all) and Van Comfort provided extra binding material and ‘suckers’ free of charge.


Obviously any insulative material placed against the inside surface of a motorhome’s cab glass will help to reduce heat loss through that glass. But I found that, in cold weather, despite using the internal thermal blinds, the REMIS blinds, plus a thick curtain to separate the cab from the habitation area, a lot of condensation still formed on the inside of the glass. The primary advantage of internal thermal blinds is that (as you’ve mentioned) they are quick to mount and remove, but to prevent condensation will require an external cover.


It has to be said that, although I have an external insulating cab-glass cover (that I didn’t pay for) for my Rapido motorhome, I hardly ever use it as it’s a nuisance to put up and take down particularly in inclement weather. The Rapido comes as standard with an insulative curtain that can be drawn around the inside of the cab, so I just use that, together with the Rapido’s REMIS pleated blinds and tolerate having to remove the condensation in the morning.

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