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Loud whistling from front mini heki whilst travelling.


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Well gang after your marvelous response to my last query, here is another one

Another way that Adria saves money on the Sun Living is by fitting MINI instead of MIDI heki roof lights From about 50mph onwards an unpleasant whistling noise disrupts conversation. There is no apparent air leak, and no water leaks One reason may be because the rubber seal only covers the front and back, and not the sides. The van was hired out for it's first year and I wonder if the seal was shortened in case the hirers did not open it.

I have obtained a new seal from Leisure Shop Direct, but no fitting instructions for fitting.


All help would be appreciated, Roger

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Don't expect any great improvement, noise from skylights is a common problem seals or no seals.

I have experimented with stuffing cushions in the skylight and it totally cuts out noise, so much so that I could hear a whistle from the door that I had never heard before! Usually I just put up with it.

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Dometic’s Mini Heki comes in two flavours, “Style” or “S”, and it sounds like you have the former.


You’ll see from ths webpage




that the “Style” rooflight can be obtained with, or without, ‘forced ventilation’, with the latter having a rubber seal all around the rooflight and the former with a seal only part way round.


If you fit the full seal, your rooflight should not whistle when your motorhome is moving but, when the rooflight is closed and the vehicle static, there’ll be no ventilation through the rooflight and the motorhome’s interior may become stuffy.


Fitting the seal should be sufficiently simple to need no instructions.

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The Mini-Heki “Style” model used to be called the “Plus” and Dometic provided ‘replacing the gasket ring’ guidance in this 2008 document.




I was under the impression that the rubber seal that is widely marketed would have a removable adhesive backing to stick it to the underside of the rooflight’s dome, but on-line complaints clearly indicate that’s not so. (Example here)




The 1st image attached below shows the dome with the seal all the way around the groove. The seal will need to be stuck into the groove and using a clear silicone adhesive/sealant or (as Silverback has done) double-sided tape should work OK.


It’s evident from on-line comments that a Mini-Heki may be installed with a complete dome-seal, a partial seal or no seal whatsoever. Also that, when a partial seal is fitted, its position is not standardised.


Roger has said that his Mini-Heki has a seal at the front and rear of the dome, but not at the dome’s sides, whereas my Rapido’s Mini-Heki has the seal across the front of the dome and (from the front) half way up each side, with no seal in the remainder of the dome’s groove (which would seem to make better sense for ‘partial sealing'). It perhaps needs adding that the Rapido’s Mini-Heki rooflight is over the motorhome’s bed that is well to the rear of the vehicle - so if the rooflight whistled while travelling it’s unlikely I’d hear this.


I did notice that, when the operating-handle of my Rapido’s Mini-Heki rooflight was in its closed position, it was less ‘tight’ than I liked. I’ve addressed this by gluing a short piece of white plastic tube around the handle where arrowed in the 2nd image below.



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Good morning,


Mine is a globecar with a midi heki, When I first got it I replaced seals twice , also spent about 700 pounds on new before finally giving up and getting some noise insulating foam and a blank to put behind the sliding screen screen. I also tried two different wind deflectors. I put it all down to the location with relation to front aerodynamics. I might also add that We had an Adria twin before with no problems.

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Well, once again I'm in debt to you all. I have enough knowledge to cure it now. My previous van a 2007 Adria Twin had no problem had no problems with noise,from the heki just water leaks. I had that changed for a new one and that came with added noise.I might have tried to cure that, but the next visit to body shop regarding rust and a large bill sorted that. When you are told to change vans you' do!

Thanks very much, Roger

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