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Eldis Autoquest 400. 2004


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I have 2004 Eldis Autoquest 400 and am looking for guidence ! At rear underneath van I have a small pipe that is very slightly dripping water! I don't think it's the drain for the water heater as I opened valve to check and this drains from a larger pipe nearer to edge of the van. So this smaller pipe is draining something. I did fill cold tank pretty much full but it's an overflow for this it's miles from the tank. Photo attached shows small dripping pipe. Your Advice appreciated


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alanedwin - 2020-07-08 9:21 PM


Is it underneath your water heater? If so it could be from the pressure relief valve, (I think that’s what it’s called).Lots of threads on here about how to replace it.


If it's a Truma UltraStore then yes they have two pipes, one is the drain and the other a pressure relief. Look at the heater inside the MH and you should be able to find where it connects to the heater. That is the pressure relief valve.



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The attached image is of a Truma Ultrastore boiler and the coloured arrows indicate as follows


Green arrow - Cold water inlet connection


Red arrow - Hot water outlet connection


Yellow arrow - Truma safety/drain valve with over-pressure relief capability. The drain valve has a (fairly large diameter) drain-tube that emerges from under the motorhome.


Blue arrow - The hot water outlet carries a red plastic ‘elbow’ fitting. This fitting includes a simple valve that allows air to escape from within the boiler when the boiler is being filled with water. The valve also permits air to enter the boiler when it is being drained of water. The elbow-fitting carries a narrow diameter clear plastic tube (blue arrow points to this) that emerges from under the motorhome.


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