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Fiamma bike rack extension for chairs


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I have a standard vw t5 fiamma bike rack, which I have used for years to carry two bikes. I am now trying to work out if I can carry our Lafuma loungers and camping table on it as well.


Does anyone have experience of doing this?


I can see how to add a third bike by adding a new rail to the “folding down bit”, between the two existing rails, and I have seen these for sale.


I have also seen extra rails for sale to add a fourth bike, but I do not know how you would do this on the existing structure as there is no room to fit a fourth rail.


So the only way that I could see this working is to replace the existing “folding down bit” with a longer one that could accommodate an extra two rails. I would then be able to secure my loungers and table on to these two extra rails, in an appropriate bag. The trouble is I can’t seem to find a longer “folding down bit” for sale, do they exist?


Apologies for my use of technical jargon!

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