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CTEK Battery Charger


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Hi chaps & Lassies,

Looking in the latest Lidl brochure there is a CTEK CT5 time to go Battery charger & maintainer with 3 selectable charging programmes, for 12V lead acid Batteries, Normal, AGM and recond? for reconditioning discharged batteries??. It says for medium sized batteries!. £69-00. Any good for motorhome??. Comments please.

Regards Em.

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It should be!


I've got a ten plus year old CTEK 4 Amp charger which I use once a month for 24 hours on each battery if I haven't run the MH and it has kept both batteries in good health.


It also comes with 'Comfort connectors' so you can add cigar lighter plugs or direct wired eyelet connectors and swap the charger between them with ease.


For info the same charger in Halfords is £95 https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/battery-chargers/ctek-time-to-go-battery-charger-430796.html



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I’ve owned a CTEK MXS 5.0 battery-charge for quite a few years, and this has proved reliable and effective with batteries up to 100Ah. Current minimum asking prices are similar to that of the CTEK “Time to Go” unit.


There is plenty of on-line stuff on the CT5 “Time to Go” charger




but - as these Amazon ratings show - not all comments are positive.




This 2019 forum thread discussed CTEK chargers generally (admittedly for a professional window-cleaning application) so may be of interest




This link to the late-Allan Evans's website






...This is one of the many reasons why using a Car style supposedly 'smart' charger, like a CTEK, in a Motorhome/Caravan should be done only with great caution and why the CTEK XS 7.0 manual states -

"Don’t leave any battery during charging unattended for a longer period of time”...


but I assume (as the CTEK CT5 unit has just a 5A output) that you do NOT intend to install it as the main charger in your motorhome, but rather to use it occasionally to ’top up’ the vehicle’s batteries' charge-state when necessary.


(Personally, I’d prefer the MXS 5.0 charger over the CT5.)




I don’t think Allan Evans much cared for CTEK products and an alternative to the CTEK MXS 5.0 or CT5 might be this 5A charger from the Victron company (that Allan was fond of).




The asking price is somewhat higher but the extra sophistication may be useful.

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Hi Derek,

Thankyou for your suggestions, I have gone with the one you use and which Bop pointed out was now on offer at Tayna Batteries. I think for me to go anything more expensive would be a bit of an over kill. I have cleared a space on the come in handy shelf!! along side my Swedish Airflow charger designed for Vintage cars 45 years ago.

Regards Em.

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To simplify occasional ‘top-up’ charging of my 2015 Ducato-based Rapido’s starter-battery, I’ve fitted to that battery a CTEK Connect Eyelet of the type shown here




The length of the eyelet’s cable currently seems to be 400mm, but (and I haven’t measured it) I think the one I bought a few years ago MIGHT be somewhat longer. My eyelet’s cable is long enough to reach from the terminals of the starter-battery in its underfloor compartment in front of the left cab seat and have the cable’s charger-connection end within the cab seat’s pedestal. So, to charge the battery, it’s just a matter of unlatching the plastic cover on the front of the seat’s pedestal and connecting the charger to the battery via the eyelet cable.


I haven’t bothered to do the same with the Rapido’s leisure battery (in the motorhome’s rear garage) as that’s more accessible and I can use the crocodile clips that come with the MXS 5.0 charger.

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Earthmover - 2020-09-23 8:11 PM


Thankyou Bop,

Ordered a CTEK MXS 5.0 from Tayna Batteries to-day and had a E-mail one hour later, saying it had been dispatched.

Cheers Em.


(Edit: Spelling of Tayna corrected - Keithl)

That's great news. We've had ours a year now and it has worked out to be a really useful bit of kit.


Happy charging B-)



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