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I received the following ‘MMM delay' email on 18 Sepember


Hello Derek,


We’re really sorry that you haven’t yet received your copy of MMM magazine. Unfortunately there has been a problem with the distribution and this has led to a delay in getting your copy delivered. The problem has now been resolved and your favourite magazine will be with you in just a few days. Again we are really sorry this has happened and hope it does not spoil your enjoyment of this issue of the magazine.


Daniel Attwood, Editor


There was a footnote


You have received this email because you have subscribed to the Out & About Live website and opted to receive emails.


So, if you haven’t received that email, the footnote might explain why. (eg. Does O&AL have your correct email address?)


I haven’t received the latest MMM issue either - though saying that willi probably result in it arriving today.


(I blame Extinction Rebellion...)

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