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bucko 1

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Where are you located Bucko 1?


We had new fitted carpets supplied and fitted in our AutoTrail by CareAVan in South Birmingham and have been very pleased with their work. They also supply loose fit carpets with bound edges.




Worth giving them a call or look through the adverts in MMM for someone nearer you if too far away.



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This is another company offering to make removable carpets for motorhome/caravan use.




It is, however, based in Redditch, between Birmingham and Worcester, and I think bucko1 lives in Norfolk.


If that’s correct, it might be worth contacting this firm




or see if any of the Norfolk caravan/motorhome dealers can offer advice.



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Had some carpets made up for our last boat by a local independent carpet shop - not the big multiples, this was a specialist one man band type company and he did a v.good job, Cut exactly to size, bound all the edges and whilst I can't remember exact cost, knowing how careful I am with cash, it wouldn't have been wildly pricey. 8-)


I'd think any decent carpet fitter would be glad of the work right now and it supports local businesses.

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