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X250 Paint Code


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This 2007 forum thread suggested that the Fiat paint code for the metallic silver finish was 611




and other on-line entries (examples here) seem to confirm this






Presumably the front section of your panel-van conversion is a different colour to the rest of the vehicle’s body, so are you sure the cone's silver finish is a standard Fiat colour?


I notice from your previous posting that you are adept at DIY mechanics, so I assume you’ve already done the obvious thing and contacted a Fiat Professional agent without success?


You might try the Fiat Forum




though questions about Ducato paint codes there have generally been about where to find the bodywork code datum on the vehicle - but you already have that information.


I’m not 100% sure what your Ducato’s ’nose cone’ is. The following advert for a silver metallic 2007 Trigano Tribute Ducato X250 panel van conversion




has the complete front bumper and radiator grille assembly colour-matched to the rest of the motorhome (photo attached below). So is your 2009 Ducato’s complete front bumper and radiator grille assembly the ‘cone’?


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I also wondered if that were the case, but thought that (given the attention to detail in Danny’s previous forum posting) he would have described that part as you’ve done - “radiator grille surround” - rather than as a “nose cone”.


This 2019 MHFun forum entry asked about the paint code for the “metallic ally “ grille surround of a 2009 Ducato-based Bessacarr motorhome




but the only relevant advice given was


Go to a paint supplier like lkq and ask them to identify it for you, it won’t be on your vin plate, that only identifies the body colour. Using a spectrometer they will match it easily. If that’s too much fuss call in your local smart repairer and have him paint the whole grill in a similar grey.

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Its effectively impossible to match metallic, especially when its old, so you have to spray the whole panel. So there is a gap between and you don't notice the difference.

Even if you could source the original paint you'd never be able to spray a patch and get it to match. You get a layer of metallic particles with lacquer above. The layers will always be different around the edge.

So you might as well just use a generic silver paint and spray the whole panel The end result will be the same.

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Thank you all for your input. Derek particularly for the detail and the links – note to oneself must try harder on searches - as I could find no relevant articles, but Fiat 611 looks to be worth a try. You are correct, the frontal area including wings and lower panel are all body colour with the exception of the Radiator Surround/Grill (a better description than Nose cone) and that is Silver and is the item I am describing.

John’s advice regarding spraying it completely I am sure is sound but at the moment I was only trying to address a few stone chips.

I will see what I can source in the way of a 611 Touch up. Thanks again


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I have used hammerite silver to touch up stone chips with a little brush.

But is its oil based, so you would have to get it off completely if you wanted to spray cellulose over it later.

You can get a cellulose spray and spray a bit into a glass or metal cup, then use a little brush to touch it up.

In my experience, spraying a patch with metallic invariably makes it far more noticeable than a bit of touching up with a brush.

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It is possible to buy (reasonably cheaply) on-line the 611A paint in small 'touch-up bottles with a brush built into the cap. There are also kits comprising the paint in a touch-up bottle, a primer and lacquer.


I can't remember what I used after my Ford-based Hobby motorhome's silver front bumper had been grazed by a caravan, but I might well have used 'smooth' Hammerite as I'm sure I would have had some at that time.


(Obviously the best approach is going to depend on the present state of the radiator grille surround and how bad the stone chipping is.)

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Just an update, Fiat 611 is quite a good colour match for touching up but I think looking at the bottle it may be too sparkly as a respray. John's smooth silver Hammerite is probably closer to the original (albeit 10 year old!) finish. Thanks all
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