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Majestic 120 year 2017

Eddie Vincent

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If it's the same as mine it is the alarm sensor, if you press it while in the van with the alarm off you should see a light flash on and off as you move, should it not flash, you probably need a new battery in it.

There is also a magnetic sensor in the habitation door frame.


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Don't assume that just because the red light flashes on test that this sensor actually works. In a previous Majestic 120 I tested the sensor and even with new batteries whatever I tried did not activate the alarm. I eventually found that during installation some numpty had not paired the sensor with the main alarm unit. Obviously testing this isn't in any PDI either.

It's a right faff to do this, but I eventually got there and it worked perfectly ever after.


To test properly you need to cover the two cab sensors, shut all doors, sit in the hab area, set the alarm and wait a few minutes for the alarm to settle down. Then move slightly and if you're lucky you'll make lots of noise!

Have fun!

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I think the alarm chosen by Elddis for their recent-ish motorhomes may be the Autowatch 695RLC system advertised here




and an Owner’s Manual can be found here




There’s a fair amount of on-line Elddis-related discussion about the Autowatch systems (not all complimentary)




(It’s being assumed that the "small box on ceiling just in front of rear roof ligh” that Eddie refers to in his original posting is the alarm system PIR sensor I provided photos of earlier, Although that is probably correct, it would be helpful if Eddie could confirm that this is indeed the case.)

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Well Eddie hasn't logged on to the forum since posting his question so I wonder whether he has either read the answers without logging on or found the answer elsewhere.


"Last logon 2021-02-17 8:58 PM"


the answer to which we may never know :D



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