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Rapido 924f 2.8 2004 rear light


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Hello all,


A neighbor smashed our drivers side rear light lense by reversing into it but kindly bought us a new one, which is an entire light fitting. Today I fitted it but, it would appear, wrongly.


I took a photo of the wiring sequence before I took the old one off but the photo didn't save it would seem so I had to try and use meet (a bad one) and process of elimination, but that didn't work ?? So I just wondered if anyone can remember in which order do I reconnect the wires or does anyone have a picture?


What's happening is, We have one clear lense on the driver's side and two on the passenger side. Whilst the passenger side 'appears' to work correctly, I emphasize 'appears', the new drivers side does not. When the fog light switch is pressed we get the clear lense on the new fitting lights up (reverse light?). When the van is put in reverse, only the passenger side lights up (is there meant to be just one?). When the brake pedal is pressed, the clear lense gives a very slight glow. I initially thought that I may have not connected what I assume is the earth very well but now I'm not so sure and am flummoxed by the whole thing now. Does anyone know what I've done wrong?


This all might sound a bit silly but we've not had it long so are still finding our way around it. I should add that the new drivers side light fitting was bought from Brownhills who advised us that if we got one meant for another brand of motorhome that it will be identical and save us about 2/3 on the price of a Rapido replacement, so we did that. Could this be the issue, do we need to send it back?


Thanks in advance!


David & Anna ??

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I think you will find that the light units are Hella Caraluna Mk2, which were fitted to a large number of motorcaravans, (including Rapidos of that vintage) so buying a "non-Rapido" part (as long as it is the correct Caraluna) shouldn't be an issue.




The driver's side (assuming RHD) unit will, from the outer edge inwards, consists of a rear "side/brake" light (5w/21W bulb), a reflector, a (clear) indicator light (which should be equipped with an amber bulb), and a fog lamp.


For completeness, the passenger side is different, and, from the outer edge inwards, consists of a rear "side" light, a reflector, a (clear) indicator light (which should be equipped with an amber bulb), and a (clear) reversing lamp.


I can't fully account for your current wiring, but it does appear that the reversing lamp is OK (it should be, since there isn't one in the unit you've replaced, only the single one the other side ;-)), and the fog light wiring is currently connected to the indicator, and thus needs relocating one unit inwards towards the centre.


That will leave you two remaining connections to make, and I think that's going to be trial and error (though that shouldn't be too difficult).


(ISTR that these units ran from a common earth for all lights, but I may be wrong as it's certainly almost 15 years ago that I played with one). For information, the reflector portion should be circular, if it's triangular you have the almost identical, but wrong, caravan version.


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I've just found a picture of a Rapido 924f rear light and it appears to be a Hella Caraluna item, actually the same as my 2004 AutoTrail!


You have two clear lenses on the left as one is the reversing light and the other the indicator which should have an amber bulb fitted.


The right unit only has a clear indicator, again with an amber bulb fitted. The position matching the LH reversing light will be the red fog light. there will be no reversing light on the RH side.


The brake pedal causing only a faint glow means you have it wired to the side light filament of what should be a twin filament 'stop & tail' bulb. Move the wire to the other contact on that bulb.




(RH beat me to the post!)

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Just to further build on Keith's post as I don't think he's entirely covered it (You seem to have described both a strong light and a weak light behind the clear lens, under different circumstances - which is confusing, and doesn't quite fit Keith's conclusions. The bulb behind the clear lens also ought to be obviously yellow).


I'm still pretty sure that these lights have a common earth, connected to the full length metal bar behind. This is likely to have a single earth connection to one of the tabs in the middle of that bar (and, as you seem to have some illumination, albeit in the wrong position, it looks like you've got this earth connection correct.)


You will then have three more connection positions (one behind each bulb position). The two innermost ones are single connections, the outermost is a double connection (the bulb there will be a dual filament one, probably 5W for tail light and 21w for brake light).


If you have replaced/reused the bulbs in the new unit, I would strongly suggest checking that the correct ones have been put in the correct positions. I would suspect, starting from the centre, 21W single filament clear bulb for the fog lamp, 21W single filament amber/yellow bulb for the indicator, 21W/5Wdual filament clear bulb for the side/brake light.


It already appears that the wire connected one-in from the innermost is the fog lamp, and should be on the innermost.


I would then check the indicator one by trying the remaining three wires in turn, and operating the indicator stalk (or hazards might be easier) until you find the correct one.


The two remaining wires are then brake and side lights. These fit onto the two-connection outer fitting, but the order is, of course, critical. The bulb is dual filament with different wattages. if you attach both, operating the brakes should give a higher light output than having the side-lights on - if that's not the case, then the two connections need switching over.






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