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Jump start RIMOR Katamarano (Renault Master?)


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I bought a used 2016 RIMOR Katamarano in October and have not yet been able to use it much!


The selling dealer didn’t seem to know the model very well and was puzzled as to the location of the two batteries. The manual suggest the main engine battery is in the panel inside the drivers door - but that’s where the dealer said the leisure battery was. ( is the main engine battery inside the metal box on the near side of the engine compartment? )


In the event of the engine battery going flat, can you advise exactly where do I connect jump leads?


Hopefully won’t be needed but your advice would be most appreciated for my reassurance


Any advice welcomed!

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Hi Colin and welcome to the forum!


Looking at this YouTube video...


the engine battery on a Renault Master IS located underneath the LH door step, so that leaves the leisure battery as being located in the metal box in the engine compartment.

Looking at the cables connected to the batteries should help identify their use as the engine battery will have very heavy starter grade cable and the leisure battery almost certainly smaller sized cables for lights, etc.


I'm pretty sure Renault would detail the jump start procedure in the owners handbook but it is generally better to NOT jumpstart a MH as the spike in voltage can cause severe damage to the delicate electronics of the control panel and systems.


A slow trickle charge would be far more preferable to a jumpstart if that can be arranged.


Keith. (Corrected door side)

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The Renault Master is a fine vehicle ( I’ve had 6 vans and minibuses over the years )


The Engine battery is under a panel / step passenger side.

None of my Renaults had a slave point to jump start.

On the odd occasion I had to jump start it was a 5 min job to remove the step.


With regard to your caravan battery I’m not sure.

Could be under a passenger or drivers seat or one of the rear seats.





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You appear to be misinterpreting the drawing attached to Keithl’s posting...


There’s little doubt that the starter-battery of the Renault Master vehicle on which your Rimor Katamarano motorhome is based should be located (as has been advised by forum members above) beneath a removable plastic cover forming the cab’s entry-step on the cab’s left-hand side (ie. on the passenger side of RHD vehicles).


There are several YouTube videos confirming this and a couple of these explain where the under-bonnet jump-start points are. This is probably the most informative regarding the jump-start points



The video incorrectly refers to a Renault TRAFFIC, but it’s obvious that the vehicle is a MASTER. The underbonnet terminal (terminal 3 on the Keithl drawing) to which the positive jump-start lead should be connectded is red with a hinged cap (see image attached below).


The leisure battery of a large 2016 motorhome will be bulky and (besides being an unusual place to house it) I’d be surprised if there would be sufficient room in the engine compartment to put it there - so it’s much more likely to be elsewhere. As Den has suggested, the leisure battery (or batteries) could be under a cab seat or in a seat-base in the habitation area. Or it might be hidden in a compartment beneath the floor of the habitation area or in or beneath the floor of an external storage locker. (My Rapido’s leisure-battery is in the motorhome’s rear garage.) As this YouTube video says, there’s no standardisation.



You might consider joining the Rimor Owners UK FACEBOOK group




as that’s where Katamarano UK hands-on expertise is likely to be.


Rimor built a number of Renault Master-based “Katamarano” models, each with their own reference number (9, 12P, 14P, 95 etc.) You haven’t identified which Katamarano model-number you own, but this MIGHT matter when it comes to identifying the leisure-battery’s exact location.




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Thanks Keith


After reading that I think if I do get in the situation that the engine does not turn, I’ll contact recovery and not attempt jump starting! I


Touch wood I don’t have a starting prob - last time I had such an issue was with a Reliant back in the 70’s LOL ) but was just thinking ahead in a. “What if” scenario



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