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Solar charger


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I have bought a new Elddis CV 20 in 2020 and not been away in it yet ,When I fitted twin lifos battery’s that I can monitor on my phone ,I found that the solar panel was not putting any charge into the battery’s .When I checked on the Truma solar controller the light was flashing continuously showing it was not charging .On further investigation with my multimeter I found the battery was wired into solar panel terminals and solar panel was wired into battery terminal.When I altered the wiring to correct terminals it worked fine ,with a continuous green light showing charging .I advise anyone with a new Elddis van to check there wiring
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The Truma Solar Controller is perhaps not the best choice for looking after lithium batteries.


Unlike lead acid batteries that need to be fully charged, keeping lithium batteries at or near full charge reduces their service life significantly.


Lithium batteries should be charged and then used, with optimum working range between 90% and 20% of capacity. Long term storage should be at 50% to 60% of capacity.


Any charge voltage over 13.5 volts will, given time, fully charge a 12v lithium battery.


Each and every day when the van is not in use, most solar controllers will be damaging the expensive lithium batteries.



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