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Gas BBQ point


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Hi - I'm brand new to motorhoming and have just brought a Autotrail Scout SE :-D


I'm told that the external connection in the attached photo is a BBQ point but can anyone please confirm and advise what adaptor I need to hook up to a gas BBQ?


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Hi and welcome,


That is the standard quick release coupling used for many years and takes a short round connector which you should be able to get from any caravan accessory shop .


The only problem is yours has lost the red top to the valve! And the problem here is that the red top forms the safety interlock to prevent two things from happening, first to prevent the tap being turned on without a hose being connected, and second to prevent the hose being removed when the tap is turned on. My suggestion would be to get it replaced as a matter of safety.


I would look at CAK Tanks website for a replacement.


I’ll edit the photos to make them visible later.




(There you go --- Derek) Cheers!





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Keith is entirely correct. A replacement would be the best bet.


Whilst most units are sold inclusive of the box, as yours looks in reasonable nick it is possible (if you search carefully) to buy a replacement outlet only (i.e. the bit that fits onto the pipe with a compression joint).


It makes it rather less of an intrusive job.


(I can't remember where I reasonably recently saw these advertised, but if you can't find one I'll have a search round the usual suspects websites).


Edited to add:




....which is only one example - but check it is 8mm pipe on the existing.

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