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Sog or Thetford fan


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I know toilet fans have been discussed before, but wondering which is best. Probably no-one has used both, but can folk who've had either give an opinion on:-


Is it easy to fit by a reasonably competent DIYer?

Does it obviate the need for chemical additive?

Does it eliminate smell in the washroom?

Is it automatic when the trap is opened?


I'm inclined toward the Thetford own, as it apparently gives a level indication on the panel next to the toilet, and it looks a bit cheaper.


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We are on our second SOG, 5years in current van and three in previous one. We found them fairly easy to fit and once fitted they are "fit and forget". We usually empty every morning after breakfast, wash up and put the washing up water down the loo to give it that "extra" that can help with emptying. No chemicals to carry maybe a bit of pong when emptying but the wife's never complained!

Would recommend.

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Recommend SOG having had it on our last 5 vans. However, always had them fitted by dealers including the underfloor vent. The microswitch on the toilet flap mechanism is apparently hardest to get right. The cassette contents indicator light is pretty standard on Thetford cassette and wholly independent of the SOG operation. Finally, yes there's no bathroom niff with a SOG but there is when you empty it. (lol)
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Our previous MH had a Thetford toilet with an exhaust fan that pulled air from around the bowl and through a filter to exhaust below the cassette. I felt it was not very effective at removing the smell of the cassette contents. The level indicator lights worked well. Our current Adria has a Thetford toilet without the fan system and one light that indicates the cassette is full. The Adria has a roof skylight and a window while theAutotrail had only a skylight. I think the addition of a window makes a lot of difference. No experience with Sog systems. One other point is the chemicals you use. I found both the blue or green treatments were not pleasant fragrances. We now use nappy treatment powder with a dash of eucalyptus oil. One other observation the cooler the day temp the lower the smell. Also I am not aware of any users of sog systems that are critical of the system. Cheers,
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Thetford’s toilet ventilator kit (example advert here)




is designed to be fitted only to Thetford C250/C260 cassette toilets - fortunately I’m pretty sure that your Chausson motorhome has a C260 toilet (image attached below).


SOG ventilator kits are available for the majority (all?) of Thetford (and Dometic) cassette toilets and often in several versions for each model.




Taking your questions in order


1: Is it easy to fit by a reasonably competent DIYer?


There’s no certain way to answer this as the ‘easiness’ will depend on how the toilet has been installed by the the motorhome converter. I’ve no hands-on experience (installation or use) of the Thetford C250/C260 kit, but these YouTube videos should be hehpful




and there’s an installation manual here




I’ve never fitted either of the SOG kits that are available for a C260 toilet, but I have fitted a SOG kit to a Thetford C200 model (quite easy) and to a C400 (a real swine).


Installation instructions for through-door and through-floor SOG kits can be found here




and the C250/C260 instructions are here






(It’s likely that the through-floor kit would be more efficient than the through-door version, but may be more challenging to install.)


2: Does it obviate the need for chemical additive?


I think Thetford advises that toillet chemicals should still be used when their venilator kit is installed, but SOG has always made a selling-point of chemicals not being required. Chemical usage should aid disintegration of solid waste in the cassette and will help to mask the odour when the cassette is emptied. (I’ve never used toilet chemicals since I fitted a SOG kit to my Hobby motorhome 15 years ago.)


3: Does it eliminate smell in the washroom?


The SOG systems I fitted to my Hobby and current Rapido motorhomes both removed toilet-related odours from the bathroom very effectively.


4: Is it automatic when the trap is opened?


A SOG ventilator system is designed to automatically begin extracting air (and smells) from within the toilet bowl as soon as the ’trap’ at the base of the bowl is opened.


I’ve been told that SOG’s patents covering fully automatic operation of toilet ventilation systems are iron-clad and - although Thetford’s advertising suggests that their system is automatic - in fact it requires manual intervention. This will be evident from the operating procedure that is described as follows:


Electric Ventilator (if applicable)

By activating the control panel, the Electric Ventilator will start automatically; it will shut off automatically after about 5 minutes. The Electric Ventilator button will flash to show that this function is active. To stop the ventilator, press the Electric Ventilator button. Press the button again to re-start the ventilator. To optimise its function, activate the Electric Ventilator before you use your toilet.


There’s been a good deal of forum discussion about cassette-toilet ventilation systems. This 2017 thread may be worth reading







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