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Fiat Ducato Recall - 2019/2020 vehicles


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Hi I was wondering if anyone on here had had an issue with the Fiat Ducato recall for a steering knuckle fault. I had a recall notice from FCA and the DVLA regarding recall campaign 6291 dated 15th March. Booked the vehicle with a Fiat Professional dealer to be checked on 13th April to be told I had one side faulty and would need replacing but the vehicle was to be kept with them as it was not safe to drive and they would order parts!

Now after nearly 2 weeks FCA customer service are telling me that there are no parts and that it will likely be June before parts are available.

This is my every day vehicle and we also had one holiday that has had to be cancelled and another in May that we will also have to cancel, totally unacceptable but not a lot we can do.

Has anyone else had an issue and what have you been told?

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Mark.


As will be apparent from this GOOGLE-search, there are plenty of online comments about this recall.




Details of the Ducato recall are given as follows


Recall Launch Date 05/03/2021

Recall No R/2021/034



Recall Model Information DUCATO

Manufacturer Ref 6291

VIN start *********02K98619

VIN end *********L2L78127

Build start 01/04/2019

Build end 29/10/2020

Vehicle numbers 2633


This potential problem was evidently known about in January this year.




A 2020 Ducato ’steering knuckle’ recall is mentioned on the relevant gov.uk website




but there is no equivalent recall information for Peugeot Boxers or Citroen Relays.




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Hello Redders,

My Fiat Ducato panel van was included in the the recall, When I booked it in to be examined, they asked, if there is a problem, do you want us to store the motorhome for you while we obtain the parts from Fiat, which they claimed would be 3 to 4 weeks minimum. I declined their kind offer. When I did take it in , I waited about 20 minutes before they confirmed my van was Ok and did not require any work doing. As I was leaving the mechanic pointed to 5 vans parked up in the compound which will require attention. Good luck!!.

Regards Em.

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fripp - 2021-06-09 8:50 PM


Has anybody had this fixed since May 1st. I am getting no feedback as to when parts may be available?



The OP, Redders, last logged on to the forum about three weeks ago so try sending him a PM as this should trigger an email to notify him of the PM.



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Thanks, have done.


Just wondered who else is in this situation. It seems to affect a lot of vehicles, but I can't seem to find many people up in arms about there being no parts available, and no dates for parts? Even on the regular Fiat Ducato sites. I would have thought this would be affecting a fair number of commercial owners also.

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This MHFun forum discussion about the Ducato steering-knuckle recall began on 26 March 2021 and is ongoing.




Pages 3 and 4 of the thread include May and June comments. The final posting (June 9 date) states that - for a Ducato inspected on 26 March 2021 - a replacement steering-knuckle had just been delivered to the Fiat service centre that would be fitting it.


(A posting (June 3 2021) by Graham Connell on that MHFun thread makes intersting reading.)

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Hi Fripp, sorry I didn't respond I took the first reply to my post as "Others have asked and this is the situation" so just pursued it myself.

The outcome was, after speaking to FSA a number of times a very helpful lady informed me a replacement part was on its way 3 days after posting my question. I was then told by the dealer the part was on its way from Italy and would be approx 1 week but the same day the dealership rang back to say another customer had failed to bring their vehicle in and they had fitted his part to my vehicle, come and collect it. Happy days, but but not really sure exactly what went on.

I hope yours has been sorted now.

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Just to update people. After escalating this to FIAT Milan and being told there was a further 2 months to wait. The knuckles were delivered to the dealer two weeks later. So that is 3 months from inspection to delivery. Dealer is on a lead time of two weeks to fit. But hopefully all will be sorted soon.
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Hans - 2021-08-07 9:50 PM


Can any clever guy on this site point out by a arrow on the steering column where that part sits.?



As mentioned earlier in this discussion, the part that may be faulty is referred to (in English) as a “steering knuckle”.


The photo that fripp provided appears in this German forum thread




(The German for “steering knucle” is “Achsschenkel” and (GOOGLE thinks) that the Dutch word would be “fusee”)


I have attached below a picture of the Ducato part and a drawing showing where on a vehicle’s front suspension the steering knuckle is located.



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