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Hi Mike,


Moderators do not have the power to ban users, only the main forum administrator can do that.


My guess would be more likely that your login had failed but that is only a guess as I have never experienced problems like that.


Maybe contact the administrator, link at bottom of page, if the problem returns.



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Mickydripin - 2021-11-23 10:17 AM


Hi forum moderator Yesterday when I logged into the forum it said that I had been banned why was that.

today I have logged in and it is now working.

Did I do something wrong.



Happened to me yesterday, so I emailed Rachel (Admin). While awaiting her reply I logged off the forums, closed them, re-opened them, and then logged back in, and all was normal. Had an e-mail from Rachel a while later saying they were having "problems" with the forums, so that seems to be the answer. If the above doesn't work , try closing and re-booting computer between log off and log on.

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Same happened to me yesterday first on my laptop, but I could still get in on my Android, then this morning the Android said I was banned. E-mailed admin, Rachel sent me a link to clear cookies and now, after running and rebooting laptop all seems OK again.

However the banner adverts and those flashing RHS continue to cause problems and delays so that when I click a link on the forum, the cursor moves and opens an advert. Very tedious!



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My Apple iMac is now 11 years old and its operating system cannot be updated any further.


When employing Apple's native Safari browser the Out&AboutLive forums were horribly slow and unpredictable, and this was clearly due to the intrusive banner and right-hand-side adverts. Advert-blocking applications for Safari were either unsuitable (iMac too old) or failed to suppress the adverts.


So I swapped to Chrome, installed AdBlock and "Whoopee" tortoise became greyhound and adverts gone.

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