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An inverter rated at 1000 watts would seem suitable. Needs to be a quality unit, lots of units on ebay/amazon cannot deliver to specification.

With voltage sag on the batteries and inverter efficiency there will be a current draw of around 90 amps. Whilst two 80Ah will produce that current, they will be stressed somewhat and may have a reduced service life. However if early replacement is needed, then regard this as the cost of having toast.




The above examples can be obtained from other suppliers. 

Technically you don't need a pure sine wave for devices with heating elements, but even simple things like hair driers may have electronic control that  needs a sinewave voltage. It also allows connecting other appliances without worry.

The installation needs suitable cable, at least 25mm2, with a Mega link fuse plus fuse holder, 125 amps, the fuse ideally mounted within 15 cm of the battery post.

Fit the inverter as close as practical to the battery. If a long run of cable is need go up a size.

It's possible to buy ready made terminated cables, example,



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