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Rimor fuse box


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Hi all, I have a 2001 Rimor superbrig on a Mercedes sprinter. The lights that run down the left side of the Motorhome outside and the left number plate light have stopped working…. I have checked all the sprinter fuses and they seem fine so I figure I must have another fuse box for the actual Moho body? I have looked but cannot find it anywhere… anyone any ideas please? 
Louisa x

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Louisa.

This 2012 forum discussion related to the 'leisure/cab' electrical equipment of a Mercedes-based 2000 Rimor Superbrig 727.


It's not uncommon (for more recent motorhomes) for the manufacturer of the base-vehicle (Fiat, Peugeot, etc.) to provide a dedicated electrical outlet to which cabling for things like side-marker lighting can be connected, but I'm doubtful that would be the case for a 2001 vehicle.

However, you may well be correct that Rimor installed an extra fuse-box for the rear bodywork's lighting - but - if that were the case - the fuse-box could be very well hidden.

(Odd that only one of the number-plate's lights is not illuminating. Presumably you have confirmed that all the bulbs in the lights that aren't working are OK?)

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Hi Louisa,

I'm assuming your Rimor has the standard Sprinter chassis with possibly an extended rear overhang. If so the typical way of adding the MH rear lights is by adding a junction box at what was the rear of the Sprinter chassis on the LH side. It may be worth following the wiring loom along the chassis rail and look for such a junction box. You may find a loose or corroded connection in the junction box.

You say you have checked the fuses but how? If it was a simple visual 'look' then try checking for voltage with a multimeter through the two little holes in the top of the fuse while the fuse is still in the fuse box. Do you have the fuse box layout showing which fuses are lighting? And I'm assuming you know you have two fuse boxes, one on the steering column and the other on the side of the drivers seat base.


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