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Pilote Fiat Ducato PVC rear windows leaking - DOMETIC - part number?


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I have noticed the rear windows on our Pilote PVC (Fiat Ducato) are leaking and I'm assuming the seals need replacing.

I am having problems trying to identify the model of the windows in order to find the right part. I have attached the sticker that is on both windows but when searching I cannot work out what model they are.

I have also attached inside and outside photo.

Any help appreciated as always!



I have checked the 'drain' holes are clear!




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..the "ADP7...." number maps to a Dometic/Seitz S7 unit. (Searching on Seitz ADP7 doesn't give many hits in the UK, but does for EU websites).

It's unusual for these units to leak. As Keith says, if you're convinced it's not condensation check carefully where any ingress is coming from (e.g. the frame may not be properly bedded/sealed).

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Keith is spot on!  Exactly where is it leaking.

I suspect its a fairly straightforward job of re-sealing between window frame and van body.

Easily done.  Remove corner pieces from blind frame to reveal securing screws.  Undo, remove and blind frame comes out.

That exposes the screws holding the window in.  With someone holding from outside unscrew and gently push out window.

Clean frame of old sealant - gentle manual scrape then clean with white spirit.

Reseal with an non-setting mastic, NOT an adhesive.  I used Butyrub:-


Reverse process to refit

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Thanks for the comments. It hadn't actually occurred to me that it could be condensation! Where it collects indicates that it could be condensation and because the blinds are left closed, I may not have noticed it before.

I did get ChatGPT to decode the text of the label and it was of some use, pasting below for info, not all spot on but may be of use for others.

The label indicates that the window is a Dometic S5 window, which is a double-glazed acrylic window with a roller blind and a fly screen.
The window has a DOT-769 code, which means it is a Seitz window, a brand that is part of Dometic Group.
The window has an AS-5 code, which means it is a sliding window, which can be opened and closed horizontally.
The window has a M-50G code, which means it has a grey frame and a 50 mm wall thickness.
The window has a V-X/B(E1)43R-001748 code, which is the ECE approval number, which indicates that the window complies with the European regulations for vehicle safety.
The window has a PES S/Q/>PMMA< code, which means it is made of polyester (PES) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which are synthetic materials that are durable and transparent.
The window has an ADP7M20490X0500 code, which is the window size, which means the window has a width of 490 mm and a height of 500 mm.

I will try and establish if the water is condensation before going any further, perhaps get the wife to see if we can do a leak test with the hose.

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..Just thinking it could be condensation due to the time of year. I'm far from convinced, but I generally try to eliminate the easier stuff first.

I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the frame wasn't sealed properly (maybe a bit of (removable) tape round the perimeter would provide a test?)

With the code ADP7M20490X0500 and from images, my money is still on it being an S7 window.  😉 

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This 2021 MHFun forum enquiry asked about addressing a leak from a Dometic (Seitz) S7 window.


I don't know if the advice about these windows having a "foam 'fur' seal' is correct (so no mastic needed in principle) though that method of window-sealing certainly exists.

If the problem on robdav's campervan (it might be helpful to know the which Pilote model robdav has and when it was built) related to just one of the two rear windows, it would be a fair bet that there was genuine leak, but as both windows are affected, condensation might well be the culprit.

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1 hour ago, Derek Uzzell said:

If the problem on robdav's campervan (...) related to just one of the two rear windows, it would be a fair bet that there was genuine leak, but as both windows are affected, condensation might well be the culprit.

Or if they where both installed at the same time that they where both equally poorly installed!

Maybe no sealant on either?

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That's true, but - if poor window installation on Pilote campervans (resulting in water ingress) were a recognised problem - I'd expect there to be complaints about this on French motorhome forums and I can't find any mention of it.

Despite what was said in the MHFun thread about "foam 'fur' seals", the Dometic S7 installation instructions include the following 

Seal the window frame with a flexible non-hardening sealing compound (e.g. SikaLastomer-710)

so there's no doubt that sealant needs to be used.

As robdav has said above, a 'hose check' should establish whether the water collecting on the inside of the windows is due to condensation or leakage.

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