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Elddis Majestic 115 Cycle carrier

Gordon Galsworthy

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Good morning everyone. Have just purchased a 2017 model with bike rack on back. We are thinking when touring to put a box with brackets onto this rack to give extra storage. Can anyone advise on maximum weight we are able to carry. Feel nervous about putting too much in box as I am not sure what support the bike rack has to the vehicle.

Many thanks in advance

Gordon Galsworthy


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On-line photos of Elddis Majestic 115 models fitted with bike racks show the complete rack mounted below the motorhome's high rear window, or with a rack that has vertical 'struts' with their tops attaching quite close to the vehicle's roof-line (example here)


It's reasonable to assume  that the latter type of rack could potentially carry more weight than the former, but (obviously) that would depend on how the rack were mounted and the sturdiness of the bodywork at the mounting positions.

Although the 2024 handbook indicates that bike-rack rails are factory fitted nowadays, that may well not have been the case in 2017. I can't find a 2017 handbook on-line, but this extract is from a 2013 Elddis Autoquest manual


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