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Sargent EC328 and changing default solar panel charging


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I have a Timberland Destiny van fitted with the Sargent 328 psu with a solar panel. I suspect my vehicle battery is on its way out as it was completely flat a couple of weeks ago. When parked up at home I use EHU to keep the batteries charged but by default only the leisure batteries are charged on EHU, a button on the control has to be pressed to get the starter battery on charge. Looking at info on the Sargent psu it suggests that if wired up correctly both the vehicle and leisure batteries are charged by the solar panel with a 50/50 split. It also seems that is possible to adjust this split but can’t see any info on how to do this. I would like to adjust the balance so more goes to the vehicle battery as if I am away I can leave the EHU on timer knowing the leisure batteries are being kept topped up and leave the vehicle battery in the care of the solar panel. As my van is parked on a shady north facing drive it doesn’t get much direct sun but there is some electricity being produced, although only about 0.3amp if the control panel meter is to be believed.

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If you were to fit a Vanbitz battery master (or similar) it would keep the starter battery charge topped up from the leisure battery whenever it was being charged, without the need to change the control panel settings, they are very easy to fit and not expensive .

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