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X2/90 timing belt video


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According to the comments this may be the only video on you-tube showing how to change the timing belt on the Ducato X2/90?

Please let us know if there is a better one.

Its not perfect as he readily admits, because he is doing the job for the first time and learning as he goes along.

He also changes the water pump, which I would not do, because none of the Ducato water pump problems I have heard of  have been with the original water pump!  They have only got bother with the water pump after they have replaced it!  But then thats just what I happen to have heard, so base my decision on.

He seems a likeable competent mechanic and its a well presented video, without any of the irritating irrelevant nonsense you so often get with you-tube videos. So if you are about to attempt the job for the first time it would be worth watching this first

Changing the timing belt is not difficult - its the access to it thats difficult.

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I just skimmed through the bit where he changed the water pump because I would leave it alone.

But I have just noticed he pulled the fuel pump pulley off by screwing bolts into whatever is behind the pulley to push the pulley off which could damage whatever is behind the pulley?

Safer to put a plate with three bolt holes over the pulley and use the threaded holes in the pulley to pull it off.

Or, in my opinion, leave the water pump on so you have no need to remove the fuel pump pulley.

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These earlier forum threads may be of interest




The first link (that refers to the YouTube video) provides Nick Fisher's opinions about water-pump replacement when the timing-belt is replaced.

When I sold my last motorhome - a 2015 Rapido based on a Fiat Ducato X290 with 150 motor - it was overdue for a timing-belt change. I informed the (private) buyer that a Fiat Professional agent would probably recommend that the water-pump be replaced at the same time, but there was well-respected expert advice (from Nick Fisher) that, if the pump showed no sign of being problematical, it was best left alone. If I had kept the Rapido, I would have had the timing-belt replaced (by a local Fiat Professional  agent) but not the water-pump. (I don't know what the buyer chose to do.)

The only instance I'm aware of where there was an issue relating to a Ducato X250/X290's water-pump being replaced (when the timing-belt was changed or subsequently) was when a retaining stud for the water-pump was sheared off when the belt was being replaced by a Spanish garage. 

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