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Chausson suite mini garage hinges


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The Chausson "Suite Mini" was a compact coachbuilt model constructed on a Fiat Ducato X250 chassis. The photo below shows that it had a rear 'garage' with a tall door.


and this video shows the door, the hinges and the garage's interior.


I don't know what "B I U" means either (I N B P) but I'm guessing that the motorhome's garage door's hinges have become stiff or have broken.

This 2016 MotorHomeFun forum thread enquired about a hinge issue relating to a Chausson Welcome 76 (that had a similar, even taller, rear garage door).


and it was highlighted by the Welcome 76's owner that the hinges were bonded to the door's frame and could not be removed.

Integrating hinges with a locker-door and its surrounding frame is not that uncommon and - if the hinges corrode internally - repair can be very challenging. This discussion makes this clear.


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