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Autotrail F68 Habitation door lock

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I have a Autotrail F68, for some reason the habitation door lock will not let me enter the vehicle when i try to enter from the outside, the handle is not responsive at all. However when I’m exiting the vehicle, the internal habitation door handle works perfectly ok. 

Has anybody experienced similar problems, and if so, how did they rectify the problem or can anybody offer any suggestions.


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Crossie.

There are several on-line discussions about issues with the locking of Auto-Trail habitation doors - GOOGLE-search on "auto-trail" "habitation door" "lock" - but this type of problem won't be confined to Auto-Trail motorhomes or the F68 model.

From your description, it sounds like the door's external handle may have become disconnected from the internal mechanism that causes the door to be opened (or something has broken) and the 'fix' is likely to require the door to be disassembled in order to identify what's happened and to effect a repair.

This O&AL article gives a idea of what might be involved


but the extent/complexity/cost of the work would depend on the make and design of door that Auto-Trail has chosen for your F68 motorhome.

You haven't said how old your motorhome is, but as the F68 is a quite recent Auto-Trail model, it may still be under warranty. The terms and conditions of the current Auto-Trail warranty are shown here


and, although adjustment-defects of doors/locks/ handles are only covered for 9 months, fixing an inoperative door-handle is hardly an 'adjustment' in my opinion. 

Have you spoken to an Auto-Trail dealership about this problem?

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Yes - discussed at some length here.


My interpretation of Crossie's enquiry is that the habitation-door's handle is totally inoperative. That - whether the door has been locked from outside (with a key), or from inside, or remotely using a central-locking key-fob, or not locked at all - the door-handle, when moved, has no effect and, consequently, the door cannot be opened from outside.

I THINK the F68 has a Hartal-made habitation-doors and that the lock/handle may be a Hartal "Evoline" unit.

This video describes replacement of the non-operative door handle of a Bailey motorhome's Hartal door.


The handle/lock unit differs from that of a F68's door, but the procedure shown on the video may be helpful.

(Some feed-back from Crossie would be nice...)

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Yes I agree , some feedback from "Crossie" would be helpful , with maybe a photo and age of his vehicle, One of the linkages may be broken, disconnected, but without actually seeing it's only a guessing game! 


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