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handyman - 2007-09-06 9:26 PM


so, its not rude and 'anonymous' not to use use your 'real' name?


It's not rude but yes you remain anonymous unless you divulge your real name . But thats your choice when you join .

Lots of people use a user name nick name but put their real name in the box or sign off with their real name. Totally up to you.








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Used to make life easier! If we only used our real name some thing else would need to be added to tell "who is who". I am David, so are a lot of others. Here in Wales there are so many Davids we all have an extra handle tagged on to tell which one. I am known as Dave Coastguard for an obvious reason, In my group of pals there are several Davids all followed by job or some other positive I.D. ie Dave Copper, Dave gunshop, Dave boats, etc. etc. On here it is simple just plain 'Ranger' without the Dave, because for many years I had a Holdsworth Ranger 'van. Keep it simple and without doubt, but easy.
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It's why it's called a 'username', not 'your real name'.

It's not deemed rude or anonymous, except in the case one or two idiots who think it's funny to keep their identity concealed and then post what they think are witty and sarcastic comments.

Thankfully there aren't many. As has been said, you are at liberty to post your real name via the control panel at the top right of the page if you would prefer.

Hardly anyone on here is shy about their actual identity.

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As Dave (Coastguard :-D ) says it's necessary to have a username, rather than an anonymous number. It often says something about you too.

But it seems a bit more personal when speaking directly to someone, or about them, to use their real name as I have above.

People like Michelle and myself use our real names because we can as they were available to us, but most new users will find their name exists already.


One thing I wonder, why have you waited till you had made nearly 90 posts to ask the question?

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Ah, question aswered. We were obviously typing at the same time.


But the rest of my post stands. It just seems more personal to use someones real name. And as for hiding identity, well you don't actually know that my name is Ralph do you? It could be Montmorency... :-D



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handyman - 2007-09-07 7:40 AM


what if someone on here was saying I was being anonymous, rude, no basic manners, and will not 'deal with' anyone who doesnt disclose their 'real' name.


Crazy twisted stalker i'd say (lol)


Perhaps this will help Crinkly One would assume he is having a spat with someone from the above ? Not sure though. ;-)

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If that's the case I don't really appreciate being lured into giving up my time to articulate views on what originally seemed to be an innocuous misunderstanding of the reason for having usernames. 

There are a couple of threads on the go at the moment where contributors are being drip-fed information and I find it tiresome. 

I’ll help where I can, but I don’t want to quoted as a source of unfairly gained ‘evidence’. 

Don’t you just love playground politics?

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handyman - 2007-09-07 7:57 AM


my name is handyman, i changed it to that when i turned 18

Now see this .............

Which one is it have you changed it at 18 or do you have a real name?


Handyman personally I think people were just trying to help you .

then you made it plain that you were having a spat with someone.

No one is asking you to name anyone BUT .........its unfair to feed us in dribs & drabs and get us involved in whats going on ...

Personally I don't mind seeing nick names but it is also nice when people have the curtosity to fill in their real names also.

That way you atleast get to see whom your talking with .


As I said bit like the IRA really some wear uniforms and stand out in a crowd some don't .....I know what I would rather be arguing with I would at least like to see the blighters before I shot em ;-)

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